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We would like to thank you for all the hard work you have done for our stores over the past years.

I have called you in advance and also in a pinch and you have always come through with flying colors. You have been flexible and easy to work with. The projects have ranged from difficult colors and mediums to standard painting jobs.

If you ever need to reference please do not hesitate to call me!

Amanda and Jackie in front of Playhouse

Dear Daddy

Thank you 4 making Jackie and I this pretty play house and 4 painting it so nice.

Love Mandy.


It is our pleasure to highly recommend David Brizek, owner of Mountain View Painting. We received his recommendation from the person who wallpapered our house. We were extremely pleased to deal with David from the minute he stepped into our house to give an estimate of the work proposed, to the last follow-up phone call he made to see if we were pleased with the painting that he had done. In all the business transactions, David was polite, priced right and professional in every way.

Most importantly, the craftsmanship was most inspiring and completed in a timely manner. The end product was a piece of ART! Our house shines. David was a helpful resource when it came to color selection and explaining the A B C’s of painting. Further, he followed through on all the small details that we discussed in the original estimate. David delivered a perfect product.

We are definitely going to involve him in our next painting project because we trust him and know what a great job he delivers. In addition, our house presented a difficult physical area for him to complete. He did this effortlessly and without any paint spills or damages. If you would like to contact us by phone feel free to do so.


I would like to take the time to write a letter of appreciation for the fine work you have done for our company over the past several years.

I and my clients are very particular about craftsmanship and you have demonstrated the highest level of competence in this area regardless of the project. Whether it has been an entire house, kitchen cabinets, or small furniture items, we have been exceptionally pleased with your professionalism, quality of work and dependability to perform as promised.

We would also like to add that your knowledge of paint types and their application has been given freely and your advice has been of much help in determining the best approach for each of our projects.


I write this letter to attest to the excellent qualifications of David Brizek as both as interior and exterior painter. I can recommend him without reservation for any painting tasks. He has consistently been the most reliable, neat and efficient tradesman with whom I have worked.

As an Interior Designer for the past 15 years, I have never felt completely confident with any worker as I have with David. In addition to the homes of my clients, David has painted my own home, exterior and interior, while I was out of the country. As usual, David did an impeccable job without any supervision.

David has made my job easy and anyone who retains him is very lucky indeed. I recommend David with the utmost confidence that he will be the greatest pleasure to work with.



Thanks for the painting and the friendship. The house looks great, now we may have to stay here a while. I (we)truly enjoyed having you out here. The time went by quick. If you and Babs are ever looking for a vacation get away you are both welcome to come back anytime.... next time it will have to be poolside weather.

Thanks again for the paint job, and it was great spending time with you.


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