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Owner on all job-sites: Owner, David Brizek, performs all work for the company. So when he says 30 years experience he is talking about himself, not all employees combined. Working with Mountain View Painting means working with a contractor who strives for the best customer service, quality workmanship and who enjoys what he does for a living.

Interior specialist: Mountain View Painting has over 30 years of experience in the painting trade offering all aspects of this field from drywall repair and texture, wallpaper removal, wall and trim painting (in both latex and oil base products) and cabinetry painting. Most painting can be applied by brush, roller or spray equipment.

Off-site painting: Mountain View Painting has the ability to transport items like cabinet doors, main doors, closet doors and trim back to our shop to be painted. If it can fit in the van, we can transport it for painting off-site. Cabinetry Painting: Painted cabinetry has been one of Mountain View Paintings specialties for over 25 years. Since then, the company has completed numerous sets of cabinets for saving clients them both time and money by avoiding a total remodel. (Due to the recent sale of our shop this service is unavailable at this time).

Spray / Brush / Roll: There is a time and place for everything. Mountain View Painting meets with each client to discuss the best process for their individual project. Most paint can be applied by spray equipment, brush, or roller.

Oil / Latex Trim Work: Mountain View Painting has worked with both oil base and latex Benjamin Moore paints for over 30 years. Through all of the changes in the industry and in the law over the years, Benjamin Moore has continued to strive to improve all of their latex products to keep the highest quality standards and keep up with all the changing laws for oil base products. Mountain View Painting is here to help you choose the right product for your project.

No job too small: Over the years we have found that sometimes people hesitate to hire a contractor to paint when they have been doing it themselves for years. But what about that project that finds itself a little more difficult, like a staircase ceiling. By choosing Mountain View Painting, you are guaranteeing that the job gets done right the first time.

Wallpaper Removal: Wallpaper is no longer the trend that it was 20 years ago. This is why more than ever, Mountain View Painting wallpaper removal techniques are at your service. Give us a call for a free estimate on your wallpaper removal!

Light carpentry: Over the years, Mountain View Painting has completed multiple aspects of carpentry projects from as small as filling nail holes to as large as being a general contractor for a six thousand square foot home. Although we have obtained this knowledge, at this time we are only licensed to perform preparation work before painting.

Drywall Repair: Mountain View Painting can take care of all your minor drywall repairs. From nail holes to a whole board replacement, smooth or texture walls. Give us a call.

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