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In 1980-81 while attending school in Denver, I started painting with Mile High Painting for a summer job.

After meeting a wonderful young woman we moved back to her home town in New York where I held several jobs. After awhile, I was inspired to start my own company, and so became Side Line Painting.

Two years after we were married we had our first child. From this event the company name was changed to Amanda Lynn Painting. With much joy, I started painting full time. In 1990, after our second child was born, we decided to relocate to the Vancouver, WA area where we had an opportunity to be close to family.

The first year we were in the Northwest, I worked in outside sales and at the front counter for Portland Paint and Supply where I still buy all my paint. From this job, I had made a number of great contacts and decided to return to my love of applying the paint rather than selling it. At this point I had realized that painting was my dream job and so Mountain View Painting was born.

For the last 22 years, I have had the pleasure of working with gracious and loyal clients and a variety of professional designers and contractors. I thank them for keeping my dream alive.

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